Peak Antennas designs and manufactures unique antennas for microwave broadcast and communications applications.

Our standard product range includes:

  • Collinear Omni Arrays
  • Sector Coverage Arrays
  • Quad-Sector Arrays
  • Crossed-Dipole Uplooks/Downlooks
  • Quad-Helix Omnis
  • Wideband Hemispherical Omnis
  • Directional Patches
  • Circularly Polarized Arrays
  • Horns
  • Spun Reflectors and Feeds
  • Elliptical Offset Reflectors and Feeds
  • Auto-tracking Electronically Steerable 8 and 16 Beam Arrays

*NEW* Upgraded PA16, click here for details.

*NEW* 2.0 - 2.7 GHz Wideband Omni, click here for details

*NEW* Horizontally Polarized Omni Antenna, click here for details.

*NEW* Wideband Hemispherical Omni Antennas, click here for details.